How To Use Tinder Without Facebook in 3 easy steps

We all know the world’s most popular dating app “Tinder App” – With just a location-based features, it finds you people near you, and thereby you can develop or communicate using its auto enabled chat feature. For better understanding, the Tinder Android App is available for both Android and iOS; as well as Tinder Dating App is also available for PC using Android Emulator Software (BlueStacks). In the recent article, we have posted a fantastic guide on how to download Tinder Dating App for your iPhone and Android Phone.

Right from its release date, the Tinder Dating App has been one of the most popular highly rated apps for both the platforms. It has also stated that, around 50 millions of registered users on Google Play Store.

The fact is most of the websites requires social networking sites access (, The other known fact being that, the third party website you are about to access the features has not owned their Sign In the system and so why they are asking you to make a sign in using Facebook.

In case, what if the people would never like to share the details where you are getting signed in and in case of you accessing dating application using Facebook and not wishing others to know about your personal life then, you must check this article where we are sharing information on how to use Tinder Dating App without Facebook.


There are lots of ways where you can access to Tinder App without Facebook, and I will also share reason being people asking these days about how to use Tinder without Facebook.

Also, did you ever thought for a moment why tinder is always linked to Facebook? And what are the steps to unlink tinder from Facebook? Is it possible to use Tinder App without Facebook? Yet!! It is possible, and I will show you step by step in the below section. Let’s get started.

Let’s discuss, why the Tinder App is linked to Facebook Network? And the reason is, for the security reasons the Tinder dating app will get your basic information from the Facebook to prevent from abuse.

Once you get connected to Tinder using Facebook you now no need to upload photos, videos because it will automatically show all your activities on your Tinder profile and this is the reason why people are not interested in connecting Facebook with Tinder Dating App.

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Why Should Tinder Not Be Linked With Facebook?

For your information, below are the real reason why you must not link your Tinder App with Facebook:

It Accesses All Your Contacts: Yes!! You are giving all the access to tinder to access all your friends profile so that it can find a perfect potential match for you.

We always suggest you not only with Tinder app but be aware of applications which ask you permission to get access to your contacts, media, and photos. So, be sure before clicking on Yes button, rather not regretting after giving all the access. Never, give your profile access to any application unless you are prepared.

Auto Media Synchronization: One of the most important reasons for people thinking of not letting Tinder to access Facebook profile is, once you upload any pictures publicly on Facebook then, all those will automatically sync with Tinder too so why people wants to keep it private to themselves.

Privacy: One of the most important concerns of all of us is “Privacy of Data.” Yes!!the problem with linking Tinder App with Facebook is, once if the Tinder network get hacked by the Hackers then, there could definite chance that all the data will be publicly available which you never wants to happen in any case, So, this is one of the reasons why people wants to use Tinder App without Facebook.

So, we have discussed the losses you, and we are going to face if we link the Tinder app with Facebook; but the fact is, the Tinder dating app is developed using Facebook API so, there is not root to break this, and that is why still we have not found official ways to use Tinder without Facebook.

In the below steps, we have shared few steps to use Tinder APK without Facebook so, don’t skip any of the below steps and make this as a priority.

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

As we have explained above that, there are no such official ways to deny tinder access to Facebook. Let’s learn a few necessary steps to use Tinder without Facebook.

  • Initially, you have to log in to your Facebook Profile and then, to Settings section.
  • After that hit on the Lock Icon and then, click on See More Settings.


  • Look for apps section and click on the Tinder App and finally, there you will have some options like App Visibility to Friends, Friends of Friends and Only Me.

how-to-use-tinder-without facebook

  • Just select Only Me and save.


The above steps are only to prevent friends of your not to let them know about your Tinder Activities but. However, there are some other techniques where you can use Tinder without a Facebook account.

Do Not Link Your Personal Account (Create New Facebook Account)

  • Create new mail ID: Go to Gmail or other free email service providers.
  • Go to and create a new Facebook account by entering your details.

As you have created a new Facebook account then the process will go as below:

The process works like you will be logging out from your Tinder Facebook profile as follows.

  • Open the Tinder Dating App, and click on the Settings button.
  • Go to app settings and then, click on the Logout button to confirm.
  • Use newly created Facebook profile.
  • Use the tinder app and click on login with Facebook.

So, from now onwards you no need to worry about your information being leaked or because everything kept private. This is the simple steps you have to do to get rid of your personal Facebook profile, and now we hope you learn the process to use Tinder without Facebook.


We hope, we have shared enough information about how to use Tinder without Facebook with you and we are sure these steps are helpful to you; If you are facing any issues from the points mentioned above, please do let us know if we need to assist you further and Keep reading Apps for latest tech tutorials.

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